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Dumpling Drop's Fundraiser for Alzheimer's

It all started with a dumpling... and an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.
If you are familiar with Dumpling Drop, it is likely that you are familiar with its charismatic creators, Tarn and Toom. 
Native to Thailand, Asian cuisine was a major part of Tarn’s childhood, all thanks to Toom’s excellent parenting and passion for food. The women in the family would frequently gather to roll Chinese-style dumplings with Thai flair, gossip, and share tender moments of togetherness. The act of dumpling rolling itself is a lovely, sometimes meditative fine-motor activity, with an obviously delicious result.
After moving to Canada when Tarn was 14, both mother and daughter's commitment to Thai cuisine remained unencumbered. Both women would eventually work at a local Thai restaurant, each of them serving the people of Victoria for over a decade. However, in 2018, when she was only 62, Toom would receive a diagnosis that would change her life. At the time, no one in their family could have anticipated exactly how much. Toom had Alzheimer’s.
When Toom’s neurologist indicated the benefits of repetitive fine-motor activity for people who have Alzheimer’s, she and Tarn knew just what to do — it was time to roll some dumplings.
The mother-daughter duo enjoyed their time rolling dumplings together so much (and so frequently), that they were soon overwhelmed with the number of dumplings they were producing. This new ritual proved to be so effective in cheering Toom and keeping her symptoms under control. It became obvious that to stop or even just to roll less frequently, was simply not an option. The only question remaining was — what to do with all these dumplings? 
One late evening, together with friends, Tarn discussed the dumpling overflow issue. By the early hours of the morning, a first logo had been designed, and so Dumpling Drop was born. Tarn began marketing her dumplings to friends and family, and then to a wider Victoria audience. Suddenly, the issue was not too many dumplings, but too high a demand. Soon, with Toom’s blessing and eagerness to participate, Tarn was able to leave her day job and start rolling and selling her dumplings full-time.

Now, as we write this in 2021, Dumpling Drop exists as a store and take-out restaurant in Victoria's historic Chinatown. Dumpling Drop has provided Toom with the gifts of community during a time of her life that could have been much lonelier, and through this restaurant, Tarn is able to support her mother. Toom is so loved by all the staff at Dumpling Drop, who she frequently tells how much she loves them too — her lovingly called “beautiful angels”.

January is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month and February is Toom’s birthday month. In recognition of both events (why aren’t these national holidays?), we are launching a fundraising campaign to benefit the Alzheimer Society of British Columbia.
For the month of February, in honour of Toom, Dumpling Drop will donate $1 per bag of dumplings sold in-store to the Alzheimer Society of British Columbia, whose mission is to embrace a dementia-friendly society, where people who live with Alzheimer disease are both included and celebrated. They offer valuable resources for people who live with Alzheimer disease and their families.

If you would like to support our donation, you can add to the fundraising either in-store or online via the following link:  Donate to the Alzheimer Society of B.C  Our fundraising goal is $2,500.
With your support and Toom’s verve, we are positive that we can get there. Will you join us in our endeavour? 

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